Monday, January 02, 2012


It's Almost Over, Iowa...

The circus is about to leave town, Iowa... will you miss all the clowns?

They have, at least, eaten a lot, titillating, if not stimulating, the local economy and pretending to be very, very concerned with the well-being of the heartland.
Nothing says Regular Guy (or Gal) like gagging down a corn dog.

I miss Herman Cain. I'll bet he'd have emerged with the Pizza Ranch Chicken's endorsement. Nobody can talk pizza like Herman Cain.

From Iowa I guess it's on to our next-door neighbor New Hampshire. Eek. It was one thing to be inundated by Democratic hopefuls last time around, and it is something else to have the circus come to town in the misery of winter. The big top is cold.

I wonder if Lamar Alexander has had a garage sale for getting rid of his flannel shirts. Will we see them on Mitt? Newt could buy a couple and have them made into the Buffet King size.

We don't have TV at our house, so we'll miss all those swell commercials. We listen only to public radio, so that takes care of those airwaves. That leaves the newspapers, and our local rag has endorsed poor Jon Huntsman, who lags behind, probably because he wasn't caught in flagrante delicto with any corn dogs.

But I digress. It's nearly over, O Hawkeye State. Did the candidates scold you about gay marriage? Did they burn any books in Ames? Are you wheezing from the diesel of all those campaign buses?

May you rest in comparative peace.

I could not help laughing. You made my morning. Thanks a bunch.
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