Wednesday, April 13, 2011


There's always the Peace Dividend...

Let's see if I understand this right.

1. They give us a tax cut in the form of less withholding taken from the pay check.
2. We're supposed to go out and Buy Stuff.
3. Buying Stuff, the official job of every patriotic American, will kick up the economy.
4. Jobs, jobs, jobs! Look at all those jobs!
5. What jobs? I don't see any jobs.

5.a. That's because you are too stuck up to make french fries.
5.b. Now get out there and fill out that application.

5.c. You're about to ship out to Hamburger U!

6. Shouldn't I use that money to pay off my bills?
7. You heard me: shop. Here's some stuff for your cart.
8. Whoops, it's time to get those taxes done. You know all the money we didn't take out of your check? We want it back. Now.

7. What about my tax cut? What about my stuff?

8. You're such a sap. No wonder you aren't a billionaire.
9. Now shut up and have some toast.
10. It is God's will that you have some toast, but not too much.
11. At least it isn't Communism!

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