Wednesday, May 04, 2011


It's Not that I Miss Him...but

... but what about this execution-style killing?

I ran into a friend at the library today who asked me, "Why would anyone tell the truth about anything anymore?"

I ventured a guess. "Um... because it feels better and you don't have to remember what you said?"

First Osama went down shooting. Then he used a woman (his wife?) as a shield.

Then he wasn't armed, after all. And who knows about the woman, who turned out most likely to be the wife of the trusted courier. Dead. Not dead. Shot in the leg.

And a mansion? Please. It looked like a Motel 6 going to waste in the elements.

USA! USA! Don't ask me to join a celebration. It's one more sordid detail of an already dirty, sweaty tale. And who knows where the truth really lies.

I don't know what the so-called rules of war are. Osama B. lived by the sword and therefore died by it, just a fact of there being a direct correlation between how you mostly spend your life and the means of your death. Law of averages.

But an execution, gang-land style, assigned respectability by ordering in Navy SEALS?

Now what I joked about in my last post has taken on a life of its own, not because I predicted it, but because the world is that nuts.

This gets weirder by the week.

Don't you just want everybody to shut the fuck up?

Monday, May 02, 2011


Birthers Launch Deathers Unit, Say Bin Laden is Alive

Exhibiting the resilience that has made her a party favorite, Republican representative Michelle Bachmann challenged President Obama's report that Al Queda mastermind Osama Bin Laden had been killed by Navy SEALS in Pakistan.

"Burial at sea!" she huffed, when asked for a statement on the death of America's most wanted terrorist. "Show me the body, and then I'll believe. This is nothing more than an attempt by the president to boost his sagging approval ratings."

Bachmann appeared at a Birther conference in Detroit, to bolster the spirits of her admirers there and to assure them that Obama's recently released birth certificate was 'a forgery of epic proportions, and an affront to the truth-loving living God.'

Her audience responded with enthusiasm, chanting, "Show me the body! Show me the body!"

Bachmann further boosted birther morale when she offered an explanation of what happened to Bin Laden during the reputed raid: "They got him out and took him to a compound in Obama's birthplace in Kenya, where he is now living in luxury."

The crowd went wild.

Fox News, torn between Bachmann's new spin and Sarah Palin's attempt to claim that her son Tripp had been the leader of the patron that killed Bin Laden, reported both stories without further comment.

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