Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Getting Out the Vote

It's a big day in American politics, or so we're told.

When I've had the bad taste to turn on the radio, I've been reminded that this round of primaries is all about a referendum on incumbents.


The New York Times even said a couple of weeks back that the Tea Baggers are better educated.

Than whom? I want to ask. Are we talking times tables or critical thinking? Multiple choice or word problems?

Dolly here has has decided to Go Rogue. What does she look for in a candidate? Someone who is white and really, really mad, she confides. If I didn't have to pay such high taxes, she says, I could buy better shoes.

I guess it's all about who takes the time and trouble to vote during the primaries. We have a local bidnessman who has decided to run for Congress (for the third time), and what sets him apart from his competition is the number of blood vessels a-poppin' on his public skin.

When last he ran against Sen. Patrick Leahy, he claimed that Leahy wasn't progressive enough. Now he's running as a Republican, and he is mad, mad, mad. Furthermore, he isn't a politician. Politicians 'made up' global warming.

His wife says that he is For The Little Guy.

Much of this anger may be traced to the use of taxpayer money to bail out a bunch of clowns who couldn't balance their own books, and who cynically founded a system for betting against
the very people who took their financial advice.

Caveat emptor, my ass.

Do we know where we're going or what we're doing? Not a chance.

The more deluded we are, the more likely we are to show up at the polls to vent our ignorant rage.

God Bless America.

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