Thursday, December 08, 2011


Queen for a Day

While it's painfully apparent that Gov. Rick Perry lacks the preparation for the Presidency of the United States, he needn't feel that there's no future glory in store for him after his Texas term expires.

The Queen for a Day post is still a possibility, even if the show hasn't aired for more than 40 years.

Rick would be a great contestant, and his very shortcomings could prove to be assets in getting him crowned.

For those of you who missed it, Queen for a Day featured women who came to the show with a request and a story. Three contestants vied for their particular prize but were also given lots of other swell stuff, mostly of interest to housewives--Amana freezers, Hotpoint washers and dryers, that sort of thing.

What made a Queen for a Day rather than a mere runner-up for a day was pathos. Sobbing into a wad of Kleenex while heaping up one instance of misery after another really jacked up the Applause-O-Meter when emcee Jack Bailey held his halo-hand over the head of each contestant.

Rick Perry hasn't suffered a great deal, but perhaps he could use all the pleas for clemency that he rejected as he sent prisoner after prisoner to death row.

Or he could go for another sort of Queen-hood: those persistent rumors as to his gaited-ness, as it were. Go ahead: Google Rick Perry and see what immediate associations are tacked on to his name. Go on!

These alpha males! They have to stop thinking that the presidency is their due, especially when all sorts of other honors languish for lack of interest.

if he is queen for a day, he'd better stay away from marcus bachmann. marcus will be so jealous, he'll scratch gov little ricky goodhair's eyes out.
I hope these seven dwarfs drag this out til their convention; the more they talk the crazier they sound. They could spend a billion dollars on this monkey knife fight, all to serve up a mortally wounded loser for the November election.
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