Thursday, December 22, 2011


Love and Prayers to Etta James

The first rip-it-up record I ever bought as a kid was by Etta James. It was "Something's Got a Hold on Me," and it still makes me move, through not only 45 rpm, but a CD of her essential music, these 50 years later.

Now, as we all dash through the tasks that consume our days, through the background of my discontent I know that this great lady is about to pass. And I'm furious that I can't slow down more and give this lady the sustained respect she deserves.

Etta's doctor says all we can do for Etta now is pray. It's a long way down through dementia and leukemia and kidney failure and any other kindling they can heap on the bonfire of her passing. Soon we will have her no more.

Words usually come so easily to me, but Miss Etta, I am dumb when it comes to paying you tribute. So I put on "Let's Roll" again.

With love,

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