Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Can't We Slow It All Down?

Can't crises take turns, like the rest of us? Learn to wait in line?

I'm dizzy with the Breaking News all the time.

No wonder our blogs are slipping to the meaningless and trivial. Overwhelmed by your impotence regarding the plight of the Japanese? Charlie Sheen is a natural distraction, a tsunami implanted in a TV star.

Horrified by what's starting to look like a major slaughter of Libyans by Omar Q., there's always a hot photo of Kim Kardashian in a bikini to ease the pain.

It will ease the pain, won't it?

If all bargaining rights are taken from private- and public- sector employees, can we still get a nice pin-ups of our favorite stars to take the place of our Social Security checks?

In the meantime, Baby Doc has probably dipped into Haiti's relief funds while everybody's distracted.

Leave me alone. It's time for my favorite shows.

Free Lohan!
it's not the blogs that are guilty as much as the media. the media is owned by huge corporations, and they want to distract everyone from what's befallen the middle class and the poor. they want to take over everything while everyone is looking the other way. as a plus, it's a lot cheaper passing on gossip than it is to pay people to do real investigative reporting.
It's only the blog that I have control over...

Locus of control and all that.
Ahhhh Lulu we always have to find the balance.
So overwhelmingly sad to get glimpses of what Japan is going through.
Impotence is a good descriptive phrase for how powerless we all feel to be able to help.

Back in the Bush era, it was dubbed "Fuck Up Fatigue"- so much going wrong so rapidly, there was not time to even respond before a deluge of new atrocities hit the fan.

Feels a lot like that now eh?
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