Wednesday, January 05, 2011


This Year's Fun Couple

Try to show a little compassion, for God's sake.

While it is true that John Boehner tends to be teary, he is plumb exhausted by his pursuit of the American Dream, for himself and everybody else: lobbyists, billionaires, fetuses.

The man could use a little fun outside the tanning booth.

Perfect match: Snooki.

Snooki values a good tan as much as John. She knows how to party. She doesn't lug around a lot of baggage, and she lives in the moment.

Boehner's only in-the-moment experiences are his policies, which would bloat the deficit and fry the planet.

Clearly, he needs some distractions.

The Jersey Shore isn't far from DC. Snooki could hop a train down, and Boehner could slip away just as easily. I could see him learning to twist the night away in her care.

Let's hope we see a shot like this in the Enquirer soon.

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