Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Just What Haiti Needs

First the earthquake, then flooding and cholera, and now the return of Baby Doc.

How much must Haitians endure?

The papers report the 'mysterious' return of the once-chubby offspring of Papa Doc Duvalier. Tain't mysterious at all.

Recently I read that much of the financial aid donated to Haiti after its catastrophes has yet to be spent. Little of the reconstruction has been completed. The medical crisis created by the cholera outbreak has put lots of projects on the back burner. There are lives to be saved.

A great time for the return of Baby Doc.

You may remember him in his previous incarnation, the chubby one who fled his homeland 25 years ago with a sizable portion of Haitian assets in his overstuffed little pockets. The image above shows us that he's slimmed (slimed?) down, perhaps having run through the generous allowance to which he helped himself all those years before.

An unspent fortune? A miserable and impoverished people distracted by an epidemic?

Baby Doc is here to help, more with the first than the second. But hey, 50 per cent ain't bad.

Some Haitians want him jailed and prosecuted for him crimes against humanity. Others are crowding together and waving enthusiastically... just in case you thought that Americans were the only people with a historical memory the size of a gnat's.

It's only appropriate that they'd push against fences that look a lot like a jail cell. Let this predator back in, elevate him to power, and watch the rebuilding and filling of Haitian prisons.

Gawd. Bust 'im quick!

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