Saturday, December 11, 2010


He's Our Guy

Don't believe the New York Times on this one.

Bernie didn't 'rail' about the Bush tax cuts for hours. He did attempt to re-educate the American public on the cynical sub-text of the Republicans' latest strategy to deprive Obama of a backbone, and he did use the filibuster for this purpose.

He pointed out that the so-called 'compromise' that Obama had come to wasn't a compromise at all. There were no starting principles that Obama compromised on. That the so-called payroll tax 'relief' was a way of turning off the tap into Social Security, a system still solvent in spite of Republican attempts to feed it into what is surely a private enterprise system run by unrepentant Wall Street fat cats, the better to balloon future bonuses in the name of that false god, the free market. And so much more. He started at 10:30 in the morning and was still at it when we finally turned to other things at dinnertime.

These are my name-calling summations, not Bernie's. He didn't resort to the sort of name-calling I employ here. He was every bit the statesman we need him to be. He simply poured his heart and soul into excellent rational discourse and served it up for the education of a distracted and misled American public.

Bernie was first our Congressman, our 'lone' Representative, as it's usually put, since Vermont has only one. I-Vermont, as it says on whatever TV screen, since he is a Social Democrat, an up-front Socialist, seated on the bland Democratic side of the aisle.

Now he's a lone Senator, standing up for working families and other disenfranchised Americans all across the country, not because Vermont doesn't have two.

Nobody showed up to help him.

Ms. Lulu? I’d like you and your neighbors up there in Vermont to consider a proposition here.. What do you say we trade you a John Cornyn and a Kay Bailey for one Bernie Sanders? Then you would have three senators, more than all the other states. Deal? OK?
i'll sweeten judge chief charly hoarse's deal and throw in a marco rubio. he's brand new, not even out of the box yet!
Hey, I can throw in a truly interesting Governor.
Name's Rick Perry R-TX) and he's a real hoot.
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