Saturday, March 06, 2010


Tea Partiers: Corporate Dupes

What fun the fat cats are having as the wee folk of the Tea Party movement take to the streets.

After all, they're off the hook, these Inglorious Basterds who wrecked the economy, and the government is standing in on punching bag duty.

Not that the gub-mint doesn't deserve a couple of major whacks for its bedtime romps with these scumbags. If the Tea Partiers are pissed about that, and the misuse of stimulus dollars for Wall Street bonuses, then allow me to brew up my own pot. I'm also somewhat fussy about how my tax dollars are spent: enough with the wars and the fat cats, and let's get going on eco-friendly technologies and getting people back to work.
But what seems to have happened is that the Tea Party movement has turned out to be a grab-bag for every ignoramus with no idea of who's pulling what strings.

The trouble with people who get their news from Faux News is of course that there is no news issuing forth from that Rupert-Rag. All that's to be had is not-so-righteous indignation that assumes the form of the Phrase of the Day. Over and over we hear their various non-journalists in near lip-synch. (And who gives a damn if Obama does use a teleprompter? Yet it's become another phrase to be dropped into every Republican reference to the president. Thanks a bunch, Roger Ailes, for your utter dedication to the insubstantial.)

We Americans are a proud-but-loud lot to begin with, so there's no problem getting a variety of the Terminally Sincere But Not Terribly Informed to join your parade. And in these hideous times, what better activity for those hours of unemployment than to raise your voice in execration? (So close to excretion!)

The trouble is, we have to be up to snuff on who really does pull the strings. And those folks don't exactly want to be identified.
If you'd like a global perspective on these rascals, I do recommend John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man. It's his memoir regarding the role that the U.S. has played in securing contracts for its corporations on public works projects that foreign countries can ill afford. Or check out the film Arms for the Poor, and see how our defense industries sell of old materiel to disputing factions in foreign lands. They might also enjoy The Global Banquet: the Politics of Food. Then maybe we can have a conversation about who's really in charge.

These Mad Hatter/Mad as Hell wind bag, I mean tea baggers are angry villagers w/o a cause.
It's like they were brain dead in hibernation for the last 8 years, and suddenly came out of the cave, growling & hungry for someone to blame.

These same people who let Bush 2 run the country into a trillion dollar debt, are suddenly concerned with "Generational theft"- when really, that ship sailed about 7 years ago when we forged ahead into the illegal occupation of Iraq.

This rabid argument that for-profit health insurance equals freedom, seems to be something right off the desk/memo of on Karl Rove. Being puppets on corporate strings really becomes evident w health care and or denial of it.

The Queen of the tea party, Palin, touts the fresh new idea that we should do what Ronald Reagan did. Yes, folks, deregulation & less government intervention is the way to go.

After all, it worked so well in the finance/banking industry, right?????

Puppet strings AND blinders!

Economics is not America's strong suit, ironic as that may be. The Free Market folks had pretty much drummed every other school of thought out of money corps.

The damage that Rupert Murdoch and his yakking heads are doing can't be measured. People rely on television rather than the in-depth opportunities of reading.

The only answer I have for sure about who's in charge in that I know it's not me.
Too bad, it'd be a lot more fun if I was running things.
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