Thursday, March 11, 2010


I Oughta Be in Pictures


Jesus wrote the Constitution!

with all the bashing of eric massa, i think he one-handedly took glenn blechhh down. blechhh was begging him to smear dems on his show, and massa countered by pushing for campaign finance, citing that as the main source of corruption in d.c. blechhh thought he had the scoop of his pathetic career, but he wound up looking like a bigger fool than he normally does. now he's going to have to do or say something really stupid to redeem himself in the eyes of his followers. let's hope this is the beginning of the end.

i think there's been a rift growing between blechhh and rushbo, and the fallout is going to be very entertaining. the dittoheads versus the blechhhers--i'd pay to watch that!
Eventually, jackals like Beck and Limbaugh turn on each other.
They can't help themselves.
Hey ya doin woman?

I am sorry but I can not watch Glen Beck. Doctors I would stroke out.

But that was a good vid. ;)
Just when I think the rightwing can't get anyone nuttier than Rush Limbaugh, a guy like Beck comes along.
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