Friday, February 05, 2010


A Perfect Storm

Sarah Palin is the new Oakland. As Gertrude Stein once said of her native city, There is no there there. She's about as real as a mansion on a movie studio's back lot, not that it matters.

Now that the Supreme Court has decided that a corporation has the same rights as a person on the First Amendment front, we're set up for centuries-long Republicanism.

Along with the corporate money that never needs to stanch its flow, we can expect to have no need of political leaders who possess any knowledge or skill, aside from a saucy wink. A figurehead will be more than satisfactory, since s/he won't have much to do with governance, anyway. Those strings will be pulled behind the scenes by whatever generation of Cheneys is up to the job.
That gosh-darn patriotism of hers can be propped up by the fiscal prestidigitation that we came to know under the new millennium's first administration.The economy? Now you see it; now you don't!

As the years with Dubya taught us, political skills have less to do with substance than with style, and should the current anti-intellectualism of Americans continue to prevail, that style will handsomely be served by Alaska's Grifter-in-Chief, who will address the teabaggers this weekend. After wearing down the American people with a blockbuster series of corporate political advertising, she and her party can usher in the New American Era.

Perhaps Richard Shelby, still flush from blocking all potential Obama appointees till he gets his local pork, will be Attorney General. And Tom Tancredo can be Secretary of the State, or better yet, Attorney General. Talk about a dream team!

I was skimming the library's new copy of Game Change today, reviewing one of the sections on Palin's preparation for the debates. She actually regretted having accepted McCain's running mate invitation. But that was before the roar of the crowd damaged what little brain power she had. Her attempts to reduce American law and foreign policy to a wad of index cards was truly touching. It was as if the debates were just another SAT, which was probably another disaster for this flirty lass.

No matter. The floodgates have been opened, and all La Palin has to do is wink at enough CEOs to get her chance to redecorate the White House.

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Lady Blah Blah may wind up being a huge success- as far as dividing up the GOP goes.

The GOP does not want her, she already lost an election.

The lunatic fringe love her & the facade she keeps. Her tea party speech had a "pay no attention to the bad/wrong stuff politicians do" go with their overall theme.

Her theme is she love Saint Ronnie.... you know the guy with the economic pillar that relied on deregulation.

Hmmm how's that deregulation-y thing workin' on Wall Street?

Saw this in today's paper the tea party stands for :
Trapped in
Anger party

Let Sarah & her funky winky airhead glory wow the fringe & have them head off in another direction & split the GOP.

Divided the fall- so divide away Sarah.

You go girl!
Wow, Fran--you be rockin'!
Palin is like cheap tequila. The first few shots can be sort of entertaining, but too much can make people lose consciousness and wake up with a lot of embarrassing regrets.
I'm pleased I can think of no liberal equvalent to this dizzy broad.
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