Thursday, February 18, 2010


The Donald Endures a Snowstorm, Calls for Revocation of Gore's Peace Prize

Flashing a little of the scientific acumen for which he is well known, Donald Trump called for the revoking of Al Gore's Nobel Prize after New York City's recent snow storm.

Obviously a bad head/bad brain day.

Clearly, the Donald needs to stay away from nature as much as he can--it's a threat to the Comb-Over.

How that man must hate Mother Nature. No wonder he spends all his time in meeting rooms. Imagine all that hired labor being undone by a stiff breeze.

When Tom Tomorrow drew this panel, I wonder if he knew that The Donald was among these dignitaries...

Gore said global warming involves temperature extremes.... you know like drought & fires in California, Worldwide glacier melts & extreme winter conditions....

What's it gonna take for people to get it??
Total planetary extinction??

Do love the Donald's punk look though..... truth be known ANYTHING would be an improvement.
there are few people on this earth whom i despise as much as i despise donald trump.
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