Thursday, December 24, 2009


Papal Bowling on the Rise, Trend Experts Say

A successful 'strike' by a woman in a red dress at St. Peter's Basilica has trend spotters talking about the rise of papal bowling in the past year and a half.

The sport, launched last year, may prove to the a blessing for the world's ailing economy, experts say.

"I can see a whole new line of athletic gear," confided a nun who asked not to be identified. "Gloves, shoes, shirts--they're all going to be on the cutting edge to accommodate this nuance of the game. I can only hope that we'll be as fortunate as Billabong and Quiksilver."

The Pope, who recovered his balance after being temporary unbalanced by an unbalanced worshiper, cautioned his congregants to be "vigilant" in his Christmas homily.

You're back!!!
I can see all the merchandising for this --
Kiss my ring T shirts & such.

Hmmm maybe "vigilant" is the new buzzword for the 21st Century??

But not for Women's reproductive choices....
the Pope/ Catholic Church will decide for you!
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