Thursday, July 23, 2009


A Chip Off the Ol' Turd, and Farewell

The beat goes on, I guess...

It just isn't a rhythm I want to tap out any more.

First The Dick, then The Dotter.

It's all too crazy. Time to hang it up.

Spousie can barely stand to read the news anymore, and I'm starting to see why. Who wants to think about Sarah Palin's Next Step, or even know who the so-called Birthers are?

I'm thinking about when I used to backpack in the high country out of Yosemite. It was fine, trudging mile after mile, but not glamorous or anything. At night we'd take off our hats and see whose hairdo was the worst. We'd identify wildflowers and construct elaborate lines for hanging food away from the bears. Then it'd be one foot before the other, day after day.

That's all incidental to the way we'd feel when we'd come out of the wilderness some days later. Back to Yosemite, we'd be among all the tourist noise again. Cars would whiz around. Vending machines dropped candy bars. Gas flowed from pumps, sending vapors into the air. It was jarring.

As is this particular news cycle. It's more than significant that Walter Cronkite is no longer among us. The news isn't the news anymore. I'm fine with Jon Stewart being our most trusted news source in this mad-tumbling time. His is the only show with anything like institutional memory. The rest are, as Stephen Colbert told the DC Press Club, stenographers, duty-bound to Represent The Ideas of the latest wing-nuts. Then the rest of us can hop in and talk about the tin-foil hats. It's old.

Fact is, though, I'm in no position to do anything better. I can only riff on what other people occasionally uncover, and that seems pretty third-hand to me. Other people do it better.

I want to find what it is that I can do. I have no idea what I mean by that. I do know that the act of discovery has to be the new assignment.

So thanks for stopping by. Perhaps we'll meet in some other context. In the meantime, as Walter used to say, That's the way it is.


Lulu Maude... not to be dense, but... does that mean we will not hear from you any more? Goodbye to Take Your Medicine? Or is this just a (well-deserved) break?

If the former, know that you will be missed. If the latter (phew!), we'll be here when you get back.

Pax, C.
Ms. Lulu,
Yeah, what's with the farewell? I seemed to recall you trying to quit about a year ago but looking back all I find is a post where you admit that "I quilt." Is that it? Well I catch my own bait and tie my own leaders, so there.
Best Fishes,
Charly Hoarse
Hey~ As a member of the Lulu fan club, I'll take the silver lining & think you are taking a sabbatical.
Yes we all held out hope for real change, and I know we are winding up with little change in our pockets, a whole lotta bullshit, and politicians playing games with our very well being, whilst pissing away bizillions on wars & telling us we can't afford healthcare & housing.
It's old. It's a drain & a drag.
But somehow the sun rises & so does the Moon & the cosmic cycles do their thing & the seasons change, and they are oblivious to our human folly.

I think we all need to pull back from it to not get sucked into the frey.
The political scene is caustic & toxic really.
What a strange twist, you want to stay informed, but then the more you are, the less you want to be!!!

Sometimes it is just better to watch the garden grow. or turn off all the distractions & watch stars twinkle in the sky.

We need that to balance out the insanity.

You are too good a writer to throw in the towel for good. Your perspectives and humor are valued.
So do what you gotta do.... But Ill be lookin' for you in the cyber world-- and the real world in Oregon someday.

Take care~

Hmm, I think I've heard this song before.
Fortunately, political news these days is often too hilarious to let pass unnoticed.
See you when Sarah Palin forms her third party--

take care..
and I hope you are just taking a break...
Hi, Steph...well Palin may get away with being a quitter but you, you're another matter entirely...made of sterner stuff you are...reminds me of Sister Anne Marie, our classics professor...I remember nothing more of the class than the theme of the Illiad which she enunciated daily with a punctiliousness matched perfectly by her ever so pursed lips...the theme? The wrath of Achilles, of course. It took Patrokiles(sp)? death at the hand of Hector and ever so much war wantonness to make him emerge from his tent...hopefully less will be required to return you to the fray...come to think of it, wrath is a useful battle readier...and your wrath wrapped up in humor is needed as the Right wraps itself in its self-invented, don't quit now, hijita. va .
What are you doing here?
It's Karen from Texas who used to live in Venice with Charlotte the Harlot!
(No last names please)
Imagine running into you here after 30+ years!
Still using those fancy words, I see. I think Sonia Sotomayor has emboldened you, the original wise Latina woman.
Darn, Ms. Lulu, it's been a month now. Haven't you quilted enough yet?
Hope all is swell.
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Ok Lulu, break's over.
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