Thursday, June 25, 2009


Out of Our Lives

What a shock to learn of Michael Jackson's passing.

I hadn't had much good to say about Michael in recent years; his isolation and self destruction were hard to see. But what a talented performer he was, and having watched him grow from a dynamo of a child to a beautiful young man was amazing to me.

Then came the endless messing with himself: the plastic surgery, the whitening of his skin. I wondered how he could have missed how much more beautiful he was, just as he was made. How could he reject and abuse that man in the mirror?

So here's an old clip of the original Michael. Most of the videos have been disabled for embedding, which is sad, because I'd like to share his beautiful dance work, in something like "Rock You" or "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough." In these he's carefree, thoroughly enjoying the moves and the music, not yet affecting all the royal epaulets and shit. Just beautiful and young, the whole world before him.

What a loss. But it's been so long in the making.

Michael, I've been missing you for years. Rest in peace.

What a beautiful song... I'd forgotten it completely. His was a rare talent, and... I can only imagine what happened to him along the way. Tragic.
That was a great song and I'm sure many besides me played it a lot after break-ups.
That kind of talent breeds insanity in so many.
Well said Lulu. May he rest in peace.
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