Saturday, May 16, 2009


how to fly with a broken wing

actually, you don't fly, even if it sounds all spunky and inspirational and jonathan livingston seagull-y.

what about a busted wing don't you understand? and that red, swollen eye: it's not the best asset for taking to the skies.

if you're lucky you lie around in a snuggly place and allow yourself to be fed--
medicinal muffins or minced mousemeat-- whatever suits you. a friend brings you a helpful book, such as one-handed in a two-handed world with a special, glowing blurb by bob dole, and colleagues send a pretty hanging basket, and your spousie helps you wash your hair and makes you yummy salads, and suddenly, after having done a good deal of dashing around, you realize that you don't have to run at all:

now you can sit around and read --the abovementioned book and others. you can plan: where will the arugula go in the garden this year? did we buy too many tomato plants for the space we have alotted them? wherefore the fingerling potatoes? how green is my romaine?

you can ponder: did nancy polosi really believe the cia was't waterboarding under dubya? what was she thinking, anyway? you can remember that line from michener's hawaii: 'thou has gone whoring with a heathen' that made you giggle in high school, and you can giggle anew. nancy pelosi was whoring with a heathen! then you can read in crooks and liars that rush limbaugh thinks that nancy pelosi should resign as house speaker and wonder why anyone would care what rush l. thinks about anything... too tired for a culture war as you are...

then you can go back to your book-in-the-lap, after which you can snuggle in bed to a book on cd, and you can doze, knowing that deep sleep is the time when the body's repair shop throws open its doors and commences to take you on.

in the morning your eye is a little less red, and you say to anyone who wants to hear, yes, i'm a little better, thanks--clearly this is what i'm supposed to be doing.

Clearly this is what you should be doing. I would almost be willing to bust something just to have the excuse to do what I am inclined to do anyway. Why do I need any excuse at all? A book awaits me and clean sheets too. If only someone else would clean the bathroom and pull the weeds sprouting up between the stones in the patio. Oh well, it will still be there tomorrow. I'm going to join you.
Ahhh the path to healing. It does remind you to slow down the pace and take stock of the tomato situation.
I see a neighbor ha tomatoes hanging upsidedown in some kind of tins???
Maybe you can research suspending tomatoes upside down & find the space?

As for Nancy (must she interrupt your healing process?)... here is my take-- whatever it takes to get an Independent Counsel investigation/trial going on is fine by me. If they have to grill ol Nance to get there-- then so be it. Put it ALL on the table baby... the truth shall set us free!
poor lulu!
i hope you are not in any pain and are healing quickly. you may have some booboos, but they haven't harmed your way with words. that was a lovely post (and you typed one-handed with no mistakes! brava!).
I have always figured that the main reason Ole Nan piped up and said impeachment was off the table was because she knew a lot and that would actually make her part of the problem.
Brava! You saved up enough energy to write a post.
Just relax and heal, missy.
Get a little tape recorder and start working on plotlines for your novel.
Watch DVDs.
Eat muffins.
You've earned this time to relax and heal.
Ms. Lulu, you got that rescue owl up and flying yet?
-Waiting to hear here at Owl Central
How's that wing coming along???
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