Friday, May 01, 2009


Gonna Miss This Guy

The news of David Souter's retirement sure wasn't welcome.

He's been such a pleasant surprise.
Appointed by Bush I, he nonetheless voted against stopping the count in Florida that gave us the last 8 miserable years with Bush II.

I guess Bush Senior thought that Souter would go along, pretty much on party lines, especially where Junior was concerned. Whoops.

Souter has proved to be his own person. He voted to uphold Roe v Wade. He upheld the rights of detainees to habeas corpus. Rather than be the anticipated sidekick to Anton Scalia that Clarence Thomas was to become, Souter maintained his independence. As University of Chicago Law Professor Geoffrey Stone observed,

In case after case, Souter parted company with Justices like Scalia, Rehnquist and Thomas, and made for himself a truly distinguished and surprisingly "liberal" record on such issues as freedom of religion, freedom of speech, due process, search and seizure, racial and gender equality, affirmative action, the rights of gays and lesbians, executive power, cruel and unusual punishment, abortion, and the rights of persons accused of crime. A man of deep civility and understatement, his opinions are soft-spoken and gentle, but they resonate with conviction. His opinions are precise, nuanced, and carefully reasoned. There is no bombast, sarcasm or disrespect in David Souter."

Souter, while cherishing the opportunity to serve on the Court, has never liked DC and has longed to return to climbing his beloved White Mountains.

He's certainly earned the rest. Thanks, Justice Souter, and may you enjoy the sun and breezes in equal measure. Bush I --and I-- sure had you wrong.

I love how the GOP already are bitterly complaining about Obama's pick for Souter's replacement.
No sense in delaying all the vitriol spewing by waiting until he actually makes a selection.
Besides, the GOP hated Souter because he turned out to be too liberal. A liberal replacement shouldn't rock the court that much.
It's not like Obama is getting to replace Uncle Thomas or Anton Scumbaggia...yet.
Thankfully, not only did Souter turn out to not be the GOP good ol' boy Bush 1 had hoped, but he had the decency to wait until Bush 2 was no longer at the helm to retire. Another feather in his cap!

Extra kudos for that move!
Now if we could only get Thomas to retire. Or Alito! Or Roberts! Early retirement for all!


Pax, C.
Yup, Fran, his retirement was purposely aligned with Obama's election. I guess the last 8 years had appalled him sufficiently.

Dubya appointed young buzzards, Cecilia. But how old is Anthony Kennedy?

Gotta have a dream.
Kennedy can be the fly in the ointment more times than naught. He relishes being the swing vote and therefore the most important jurist on the bench.

such an ego he has.

But Souter was a fine judge, and to think Bush 41 put him up..LOL! ;)
I'm dying for Scalia and Thomas to go. Oh well, we can't always get what you want. And you may not want an award, but I just gave you one, Come see me.
Unfortunately Thomas and Scalia are on that foetal pig blood diet and will be around to make bad decisions for another forty years or so unless caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl.
charly hoarse,
i'm hoping that scalia and thomas get caught in bed with each other! that would make my decade!
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