Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sic 'em, Bo

Having visited the Talking Points Memo photo gallery of yesterday's big tax protest, I realize that this was indeed a day of self-expression for some of my fellow Americans. As a self-expresser if sorts moiself, who am I to get in the way of that?

Even the tiniest emerging crabgrass was seizing its God-given, American right to express itself. Dubya was obviously behind the scenes, serving as a proofreader. It's great to help out those who would obscure the real reason for the mess we're in!

The great thing about a gathering like this is that it's a chance to make a fashion statement while expressing one's political views. A great opportunity for a lady to be complimented on her choice of hats as well. That simply doesn't happen very often these days.

Never, never pass up a chance to yank the kiddies out of school
and get them out of their proximity to their Godless, liberal, no doubt fornicating and possibly sodomizing teachers. Okay, I got this cool tee shirt, but still I miss my friends. And that snake is kinda radical, but it creeps me out. I'll probably have to write a report.

Having felt out of the loop for the last eight years, I can only wish the protesters well. They were not allowed to dump all their tea in the Potomac, but I'm told they really wasted the Indiana River, evincing that environmental awareness for which their party has become so well known.

They're going to have to fine-tune their message if we're going to have a good fishing season.

I just learned at SisterFriends Together that yesterday was "Same Sex Kissing Day." Who knew?

Pax, C.
I'm so sorry I missed out on same sex kissing day.

The protest about getting your taxes lowered is baffling to me. Who knew there were so many idiots with so little to do. I guess if you lost your job and you got your unemployment benefits extended, and your taxes lowered you could be mighty chapped about it.
What is soooo funny about this *anti-socialist* trend, is many of those folks are first in line for *socialist* programs. An article in the paper had a 70-something year old protesting on tax day-- shes scared of Obama's socialist programs.I'm guessing she tunes in to talk radio too!

She will probably go home, get her social security check, get her medicare prescriptions, and grab a free lunch at the Senior center.

While the likes of Flush Limbaugh spread fear & loathing over the term "socalism", these folks are basking in successful socialist programs.

Sharing, caring, spreading the wealth.

Nothing like teaching the kids that taxes are bad.
The irony of their *don't tax me, bro" shirts, is Bush & Cheney ALREADY DID!

Those kids are going to be paying for the Bush wars, and so will their kids.

Psst~ Kids!
The government pays $61 billion for education & $412 billion for interest on the debt.
$660 billion for the Iraq war.
The Ntl Debt is $11 trillion.

Keep up with current events!

While the repugs racked up this historic debt.... now they want to complain about how out of control it is.

So here is a puzzler for the kids!
Where does the Federal Treasury get it's money from?


Who do you think will be paying for this debt?


I'm curious to know what the back side of the *Don't tax me Bro* t shirt says?????

Tax the poor people!
Those dangling teabags got me thinking I gotta find that picture of Lennon with a tampon on his head.
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