Monday, April 13, 2009


Reveling in Irrelevance

The Republicans, having failed at governance and at any constructive thinking on extricating the mess they were so key in creating, have reverted to what they do best: cheesy showboating.

Glenn Beck is even going on a "comedy" tour to six cities! Can you feel the populist energy and rage a-rising?? No matter that it's lobbyist backed and Fox News promoted. We're all filled with The People's Anger.

These clowns are dependent upon the ignorance and empty aspirations of the American people. While it's true that we as a nation know even less about economics than we do the contents of our Constitution and history, we can't help but read the signs of companies collapsing all around us, foreclosures multiplying like so many bunnies, and the numbers of the jobless swelling daily.

What a bunch of dorks. As if the current sunsetting of tax cuts for the wealthy were equivalent to the issue of the Original Tea Party, taxation without representation. But never mind. These idiots are absolutely dependent upon our ignorance and our tendency to shoot first and ask questions later.

"Jeeves, old boy, take a tea bag from the pantry and give it to Miss Snively. Tell her to send it to the White House."

"Very good, sir. But you laid off Miss Snively last week."

"So I did. So I did. Jeeves, old boy, do take up the slack."

AIG Update: I just received my latest Bad News Current Event from AIG. Guess who's gone back to the old VALIC name I wrote about recently?? Take heed, folks, VALIC=AIG!! Whatever the name, I lost $8000 more this quarter. Now, that's performance!

Moral: You can put a tutu on a turd, but don't expect it to dance.

Well hells bells & all that jive.

Effing repugs are mad as hell at the policies & practices of the BUSH ADMINISTRATION!

Go figure!

Timing is everything boys. Gawd their feet must be aching from all that shooting themselves in the foot business. Idiots!

AIG = VALIC , why not go with truth in advertising & call it the flush your money down the toilet company. Or "the black hole"


I have a 401k statement in the mail today.
So far I can't make myself open it. I admire your bravery.
Took a big enough hit for tax day.... enough trauma for one day.
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