Friday, March 13, 2009


Tear-Jerk Time

Michelle Obama makes me cry.

I'll rephrase that. Whenever I see Michelle Obama, I get tears in my eyes. She doesn't make me do anything. But it does happen on a regular basis.

I have to admit that my health has been the pits for the past 5 weeks. No sooner did I begin to recover from a long bout of asthmatic bronchitis than I was hit with a truly evil stomach flu. So I've been rather vulnerable and blue.

Not that my tears are sad tears. I am just so moved by this woman, who seems so authent
ic. Connecting with military families. Paying her loving respects to the people hardest hit by the shenanigans of the last years. Showing up to serve the homeless, to participate in service days. She's a one-woman statement of the values we need to see, and her warmth and compassion are palpable.

Her personal story includes loss, outsider experience, and hardship met with a serious work ethic. I often feel that her husband's upbeat, transformative philosophy has been as healing for her as it promises to be for the nation. There's still something vulnerable in her aspect in unguarded moments. She is taking to the First Lady role in ways that I've never glimpsed before.

She's very huggy, another big plus for me. Though it's been said a million times, it's amazing what a difference a hug can make. I have one library patron and volunteer, age 87, who shows up every Monday night to bring in the flags and collect a long, warm hug for his efforts. "That's my hug for the week!" he says after we finish our
regular embrace. I'd love to turn him and Michelle loose on each other. They both understand something essential.

I'll never understand the Victorian response to her bare arms. (At least we can refer to them as arms. In the the Queen V's days, they were limbs. But that's not much progress in a hundred years, if you ask me.) She's healthy, she's in great shape, and part of her advocacy is for diet and exercise. What's the deal?

I'm sure that the pastiest parts of our nation are still in shock. I can tell by the endless reactions to her statements, her little fist bumps with the Big Guy, her dynamite body, that their first up-close look at a proud, healthy, African-American woman is going to take some internal adjusting on their parts.

As for me, I've long known that systematically shutting out the worth of people unlike ourselves is a sure-fire way to miss out on their substantial contributions. I'm thankful for this time, this lady and her husband, and all that they will teach us in the next four, and ultimately, I hope, eight years.

Now where did I put that goddam hanky?


Are You me? Michelle Obama makes me cry too. And I've had the asthmatic wheezy lung crud for three months. I do smoke. But I'm sixty fucking four. I don't usually have the asthmatic crud. I haven't been sick in years. Well not with a sickness that required two rounds of antibiotics, two inhalers, Mucinex, Delsym and other costly shit that hasn't made me well. I took a little nap today that lasted five hours.

Oh, by the way, thanks for the visit. Please do come back. I hope I haven't ruined the no swearing policy. If so, delete me.
Oh crap, I just saw the cusometer. I guess I'm toast.
I agree: our first lady is very classy, and most excellent. David Brooks is an idiot.

Pax, C.
Nice piece Ms. Lulu. I have a good feeling about the Obamas, and am keeping my fingers crossed. I'm astounded when the right wing media try to make her out to be some bomb thrower, but when those morons talk about her "arms," I have a little fun by substituting the word "boobs". If only they'd say that, everybody would see who the real boobs are.
Hope you feel tops soon.
I was shocked when the the media announced the first lady has arms. Who knew?

I mean forget all the other things happening in the world & lets get our priorities straight.... exposed arms..... stop the press!

They acted like she arrived from another planet!

Michelle is a sweetheart & probably helps Barack keep grounded.

Hope you are on the mend kiddo.
I agree with the judge. This is a great reflection.
Lulu, her kindness also makes me tear up. I really like this woman. She's just a damn nice person.
We are all in agreement, she is a wonderful human being and she makes us cry. Gawd I heart her!
LuLu, you must have really kvelled when you saw recent pics of her digging up soil for a White House garden.
She's even more fun than Jackie Kennedy was. Best first lady ever!
I think I choke up every time too.....I cried about her planting a garden....good tears;...grateful tears...she is REAL and a woman with a heart not glassy prozac eyeballs like Laura or the scary look of AnnMarie Antoinette Babs......urgh....

and it just happens..she goes to a school or plants a garden or visits families...she does it in a very real way....

I have said this before...
I saw her last winter here in Ctown....and after she spoke I waited to get the Audacity Book signed and to shake her hand...during her speech a bunch of us Moms stood and listened to her and cried together- she had that effect on us- there were about 10 moms -women all different ages who had never met and we all cried when she told her story .....she is an amazing strong woman...

truly inspiring....

( one mom said it best " I hope when I grow up I will be a Michelle...she was about 50= we all laughed)
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