Monday, March 23, 2009


If Anybody Is Trash, It's Tammy Bruce

Okay, okay, I'll admit that I don't know Tammy Bruce from a hole in her ass.

But she was just quoted on the Huffington Post as referring to the Obamas as "trash in the White House."

I guess she and Rush and Ann and company are just par for the course these days. After all, they have their jobs and their snotty books and their sad little attempts at humor, most of which boil down to name-calling. It's a substitute for wit.They're insulated from the current downturn, so what do they do? Take shots at the people who are trying to deal with the problems and keep the people's spirits up.

My adopted bro' is an Irishman, and as such, he spends too much time in front of the television watching jerks like Tammy Bruce and Rush Limbaugh. He likes to argue; debate is in his blood. To his credit, he balances out his argumentative streak with Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow who are more in harmony with his ideas. He is only too happy to analyze everything, to take nothing for granted. He's what a good, engaged citizen should be, if a good, engaged citizen can stand all the noise around his spirit.

I can't. I had enough fury in conversations with conservative relatives in the bad old family days to last me a lifetime. I invoke my ancestors, the ones from that nation of mute Swedes. I simply withdraw. I've heard those arguments and more, when Limbaugh and Bruce were still pissing their panties.

But in my own little cave, I haul out the Photoshop and stick old Tammy Bruce right where she belongs: in her own, personal dumpster, bonding with sour milk cartons, moldy pizza boxes, and loose coffee grounds while she exercises her Second Amendment right to plug her fellow rats.

Tammy Bruce, I don't watch TV, so I'll probably never collide with you. But you are one pathetic, lying sack of shit.

I've never heard of her, but I hate her anyway. I switched physicians once when my primary care doc suggest a good read for me would be some shit from Ann Coulter. That was it. Now I have a liberal to care for my health.

Love your photoshopping skill.
Tammy can stick it where the sun don't shine.

Obama did a press conference tonight... he said lots of critics about the economic plans, but he's not hearing anyone step up with any better plan (just the same old shit that got us here in the first place.).

Bon appetite Tammster.
I watch TV all the time and I've never heard of this bitch before Keith or Rachel quoted her.
These conservative pieces of shit would flip their cheap wigs if a liberal said the kinds of things about conservatives that they say about Obama.
They exist to provoke.
They offer nothing constructive to the dialog.
They are absolutely sensational for our side.
Keep talking, Tammy, you ignorant piece of shit. The more you say, the better our side looks.
P.S. Utah Savage, I too abandon anyone with whom I do business who admits they like any of these conservative nutters.
My dentist of years ago once said something favorable about Limbaugh and I never saw the prick again.
These days, I actually tell people why I'm taking my business elsewhere.
Fuck 'em.
Tammy was a long-time institution on radio station KFI in LA (or, as some of us think of it, KKKFI)

The same station that brought us Dr Laura...need I say more?
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