Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Seth Says It Best

I almost bought a big box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes yesterday, because it still had Michael Phelps on it. But I've sworn never to buy their products again, not after what they did to the kid.


I don't buy breakfast cereal but I surely won't now after the horseshit move by Kellogg's.

It was pot for christs sake..not meth or heroin. Friggin pot!
or steroids...

yup NO More Cornflakes...or Kellogg...
Or Subway.
Doh- the vid gives a not available due to copyright schpeal. No can see.

Kellogs missed the marketing opportunity...
someone photoshopped a Phelps w a bong Corn Flake cover photo. They are missing a whole lucrative demographic here-- people with munchies- food products.... connect the dots!!!
That's what Seth said.

Too bad SNL pulled the video.
Later,I went to the SNL site & viewed it there. Ha! I liked the way he mocked all the weird cartoon characters
on their cereals & the Keebler Elves!
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