Friday, February 27, 2009


Pipsqueaks a-Go-Go

You know, I've been somewhat dispirited since the departure of Bush-Cheney. You can sense my ennui in the lack of recent posts.

Ass-wise, Bush-Cheney were such a broad barn-side for my contempt. They embodied so much of what is wrong in our country. The pipsqueaks they have left behind hardly seem worth the
trouble of pillorying. A lingering case of bronchitis deprives me of the snark I need to bitch-slap them into place.

Make no mistake: they do continue to annoy. The idiots who call Obama the anti-Christ
or compare him to Hitler are beyond pathetic, and they are several. That's the price we pay for living in a society that includes huge numbers of people who read the Bible literally and understand history imperfectly.

Add to the Rev. Mannings of the world the buffoons who currently inhabit Congress, including Rep. Bachman and Sen.
Shelby, and elected officials look about as bad. Where do these clowns come from, and what does it say about those who cast their votes in their favor?

We have gone from the age of magnificent, Cheney-scale evil to the banality noted during the Nuremburg trials by Hannah Arendt. Now we have the petty little poops who ran up the deficit lining up to denounce the stimulus package while standing silent on the actual cost of the war, something that was never included in Bush-Cheney budgets.

After the exhilaration of the B-C departure comes a certain emotional flatness. I'm weary of petty stupidity and small-town mayors who email pictures of the White House with a watermelon patch in front. I'm tired of so-called men of God whose spiritual messages consist of racist name calling. I'm sick of the knee-jerk reaction of Americans to the word socialism, and free-market worshipers who ran our country into debt and our retirement accounts into the ground.

Bitch, bitch, bitch. I'll be back, folks, when my lungs clear and my sense of humor returns.

Your sense of humor is just fine.... pardon the pun, but you are *coughing up* some good one liners.
Hope you are feeling better.
It's true, this latest batch of GOP Lites are no fun to poke at more than once.
Although Boehner is getting into my crosshairs.
Some of the newer ones are really assinine, and aren't they at least a little fun at all?
Alas, you don't wanna view OUR blog. God bless you.
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