Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Memo to House Cats

To: Rudy, Sassafras, and Indigo
From: Mama Lulu Maude
RE: View attached video

Please review the attached and prepare a response for discussion at our upcoming family meeting.

I only wish that discourse were this civilized in our household. Those scabs on Sassafras's neck tell me that we have a long way to go.

We will discuss various win-win options and develop an Action Plan with verifiable benchmarks for 2009.

Come. Let us reason together.

Thank you,
The Management

Oh I love that video. My cat, Fred the Cat, is very vocal and sounds just like those two. If only our government was as civil as those two little cats are.
Great video...have seen it several times but never tire of it. ;)
My oldest cat James talks so much that he sometimes falls asleep still talking.
God I wish I understood Kittese.
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