Thursday, January 15, 2009


Palin-Plumber in '12!!

I'm sure I'm not the only one titillated by Joe the Plumber's current posting in the Holy Land. He can add yet another sterling item to his resume, after author and country singer, and of course, unlicensed plumber.

Such a profile begs for a high ranking post in the Palin Administration!

Of course, I don't really mean that he is my VP pick. That honor, of course, will have to revert to our retiring vice president, whose acumen has given us the last 8 years. He only needs to mentor another airhead who lacks gravitas to achieve similarly dazzling results as we move further into the Twenty-First Century.

By the time we reach '12, Joe will be a slam-dunk for Secretary of State. Stand aside, Hillary; here comes authenticity we can trust!

Speaking of authenticity (or its sly cousin, authentitty), wasn't Bush's final press conference a hoot? He thinks that we're mad at him because he didn't land Air Force One in the middle of Katrina! Of course, this is the number one son of the woman who offered tens of thousands of dollars to Katrina survivors, on the condition that it be spent on software developed by a company run by another of her baby boys.

We are offered no end of surrealistic parting shots of the Grand Old Party as we move into the age of Obama. Now, if the Big O can strike a balance between the new politics he advocates and knowledge of what it's going to take to restore our credibility--first, to ourselves, and then to the world, we may begin again to live up to our promise.

I really blame this whole debacle on the once-functioning ovaries of Babs Bush and whatever kind of bag Poppy had to throw over her head to be able to mount the Hellish beast.
While it's too late for Obama to force her to be sterilized for the sake of the world, he could make up for it by seeing that the war crimes of the Bushies are investigated and prosecuted until justice has been served.
And by justice I mean Bush and Cheney in the general prison population being bent over the nearest folding chair and having convicts line up and gang-share their love with them.
the saddest thing of all is that joe the plumber would have been a better preznit than chimpy the asshole.
Look at Joe's tiny face. It could fit into a much smaller head.
He missed being a troll by about two DNA molecules.
joe the effing plumber..... did he ever get his license?
I guess in some twisted way he & palin are a good match- she's full of shit & he's a plumber.

So very ready to move on to something completely different.
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