Monday, December 08, 2008


Thanks A Lot

The photo to the right is from the New York Times. On today's edition it adds another casualty to the recession--the recycling industry.

Along with everything else, the market for recyclables is bottoming out.

The biggest purchasers of recyclables have been foreign nations, headed by China, followed by African countries.

It's nice to see made from recycled paper on our note cards and printer paper, but the market is much bigger than that, and it's as dismal as my 401k.

Now those materials pile up, and the people in these green businesses are in trouble.

I find myself thinking of McCain/Palin's America First campaign slogan. It seems positively archaic. We are all so interdependent. The banking crisis is an international one; the manufacturing downturn, too. The systems of this earth--natural and artificial-- show how much we are interconnected.

Interdependence first! It isn't much of a slogan, but it is a reality.

Damned shame. Is the government going to have to require a % of recycled materials to be used in new paper products?
Although paper DOES grow on trees, trees are endangered themselves.

Can't help but think of the Lorax- the Dr. Seuss story.
This bums me the hell out. We need this industry to grow not shrivel up and die. :(
That picture really is worth 1,000 words.
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