Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Now They Think of It...

People involved with the Blagojevich case are starting to wonder if perhaps they didn't announce their intentions too soon. After all, they have him plotting, but not actually proffering. Whoops.

There's also the very real question of whether or not His Royal Pompadour-ness can get a fair trial.

It's certainly been a fun distraction. We of sufficient years have spent time contemplating the history of the male hairdo, landing pretty much smack in the 70s to locate the inspiration for his coiffure. Mike Curb! Bobby Goldsboro!

But what's sad is that we are desperate for distraction. As I write my Christmas cards with the polar bears on them, I think, nothing says global warming quite like a picture of polar bears.

And a friend is waiting for a very real axe to fall at work, having watched it sever the employment of a huge number of colleagues. Last week she received the reassuring news that she was "good for another week, anyhow." She's on her own, with a house full of ailing animals that have been abandoned by others. She has a great heart, lots of obligations, and a growing sense of desperation.

In the landscape of most of our fellow citizens and creatures, Blagojevich is all the more ridiculous because he didn't realize that he was already well off. His sense of entitlement is what repulses me most.

In the meantime, good people labor away in fear for their ability to meet the simplest, most basic needs.

Past the giggles at his presumptuousness are anger and tears, and they're certainly not about him.

That Photoshop swirly tool of yours really paid off this time.
Yep the unemployment office is the busiest place in town.... and the 2 of the big 3 auto makers just announced a 1 month layoff.... I think they are trying to show the government how much a shut down would really cost .

We as a country are effed up Bush style.

In retrospect, maybe not a good idea to have a president with a string of bankruptcies on his resume???

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