Thursday, December 04, 2008


Keep On Keepin' On

I can remember the first song I ever heard Odetta sing. I couldn't fucking believe it.

Ain't no use to sit and cry

(Sail away, ladies, sail away)
You'll be an angel bye and bye

(Sail away, ladies, sail away)

Don't you rock 'em daddy-o,

Don't you rock 'em daddy-o

I remember her from my youth, singing for civil rights. She was everywhere, and she didn't look or sound like anybody else. A big girl with that big, big voice. That enormous guitar. Dressed in a semi-formal when everybody else was in blue jeans and turtlenecks. She was there on serious business.

Later in life she would drape herself in beautiful African garb. At the end of her career she sang from a wheelchair. But oh, how she sang.

Art confers a kind of immortality. Still, it's very, very hard to let go. It's impossible to pay the proper respects.

Sail away, Lady... sail away.

PBS did a nice tribute to her. What a sweet strong voice. One of a kind gem.
Obama's president now. It was safe for her to cross over.
Wonderful moving voice. I love her version of Dylan's Masters of War.
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