Monday, December 01, 2008


Insert Your Least Favorite Substance in that Fat Mouth

That Palin Persistence.

The Huffington Post reports today that everyone's favorite geo-bee loser hasn't returned to her guv's office since the election, making that sad display of welcome-back balloons documented by Princess Sparkle Pony even sadder. Dispirited little globes. Of course, we know that she did make a token appearance to be photographed with them. But still... what are the affairs of the state when compared to the Affairs of State?

Instead she's out trying to Energize The Base. What a phrase. What she's really trying to do is remind the Big Guy Upstairs of her destiny in American politics.
2012 is not so very far away, and although the Big Guy knows all and sees all, past, present, future, He seems to need a lot of nudging and reminding at the same time. Such is the down side of cosmic micromanagement.

Speaking of c.m., here's another Catholic priest, this one in Modesto, CA, who advises the faithful everywhere that a vote for Obama in the ballot box should lead to a being shriven in the confession box. I guess that's better than being excluded from the sacraments as was attempted in South Carolina.
Here's the latest bully of the hour, thoughtfully Photoshopped to reveal his inner cheek walnuts. They are thoughtfully added (by Our Creator) to the visage of every male McCain voter, no extra charge. Whatever the P.S. applied, it's amazingly understated. You don't need to do all that much to Pod People.

Why churches persist in attempts to withhold Jesus from people who are too poor to raise unwanted children while extending its mega-blessings to the mega-rich is so beyond me. Oh yeah... they can donate more money.

If you want a mind-bend, just put Jesus in the same room with all the fat cats who have been exploiting his name for the past 8+ years.

Wilder than acid and 'shrooms in a cake. Farther out than Alice B. Toklas's finest hash

And speaking of drugs, Bill Kristol is toking up some nasty stuff again. He's full of advicing to his outgoing Chimpy--
pardon torturers; send the Marines in to deal with Somali pirates. Doesn't he know how busy Chimpy is compromising the health of workers exposed to dangerous chemicals and gutting whatever he can of the environment remaining to us?

How about torturing Kristol and then handing HIM over to Somali pirates? He needs to broaden his life experience.

Just a thought.

I'm hoping Palin has the Midas-loser touch. Every candidate she endorses loses. If that is the case-- Go Sarah, I can only hope she does even MORE interviews.
Perhaps her presence in the Georgia election runoff will help the Senate gain another Democrat?

Did she ever get back to Couric with that info she promised????

I was hopeful Palin would be history... like in the wink of an eye.
Make that Somali BUTT pirates!
Kristol looks exactly like he is. Sorta like Joe Lieberman.
As for Palin, she'd appear at the opening of a sewer if it meant being on national TV.
As for Chambliss, I wish Max Cleland would beat him with a prosthetic leg or arm.
Fucking fucks!
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