Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Cuthbert to the Rescue

Whenever I read about Jeb Bush having been a Popular Governor, I think about the Popular Kids in high school.

You know, those vapid souls with just the right duds who manage to patronize everyone else. The ones who take no interest in you unless you start dating one of Their Own.

Jeb's Popularity casts a cloud on the inhabitants of the Sunshine State.

Now he's back, having turned over his gubanatorial chair to a closet case, and is ready to share his wisdom with us--that Republicans need to set up a Shadow Government in opposition to the Obama Administration.

How Parliamentary!

What's interesting about it is the absolute dearth of ideas coming from the Rightward side of the aisle in the crisis that consumes the nation's attention, not to mention increasing percentages of our poor old retirement accounts.

That's okay, Jeb. I'm sure that your declaration will get you some of the attention from Bomb and Dad that all middle children are said to long for.

And it's best that you stay in the shadows, since Republican ideas and policies can't stand the light of the sun.

(Photo not Photoshopped... not necessary in Jeb's case.)

jebby is pissed off, because chimpy has ruined the chances of any bush winning an election for the next 15 years or so.

i never understood the popularity of jebbie. i live in floriduhhhh, and i don't remember even one good thing that asshole did for the state.
Photo not Photoshopped... not necessary in Jeb's case.~snort!

When will we be done with the Bushies in elected office? I know Da Shrub is out in 48 days, but Jebbie gets gone when?

Putting this at Sirens..gracias chica! ;)
He really is quite the fat cow, isn't he?
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