Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Bipartisan/BipolarLaff Riot!!

I like to have died! These politicians is cards, I'll say that. First we get 8 years of this clown who sticks anybody he wants into a camp in Cuba, then he names the whole mess Camp Justice. Ain't he a caution!! I bet he was real smirky in high school! Maybe even college!

Then this guy from Illinois, the governor, I think... he wants to auction off a Senate seat! And he won't go for 8 million bucks for a children's hospital unless he
gets $50K in campaign donation from some hospital administrator. Is that cojones, or what?? A kids' hospital! I'm tellin' ya. We've each got our own special style of bein' a card. I'll bet that Illinois guy stands up to the judge, makes a little gun with his index finger and his thumb and says, "Gotcha!" when asked what plea he wants to enter. Then he can laugh his ass off and offer to buy that Patrick Fitzgerald a glass of green beer. The judge, too!

These guys remind me of sixth grade. You know--hand
over your lunch money. Is your refrigerator running? Better catch it! Good, clean laffs. Not a sex joke in the bunch.

And how about that good ol' American entrepreneurial spit... I mean spirit? Nothing says taking the public sector
into the private quite like a little entre-nous auctioning of a Senate seat.

To all those sourpusses out there who've been bad-mouthing these two:
Cancha take a joke?

How did Blogo miss being a Republican?
He certainly has the testicular fortitude for their gang.
I just hope he has good anal sphincter fortitude as well. It'll help him in the pokey.
These jokers deserve a venue--- Jail!

Blago refuses to resign, so now they have to do some legal maneuvering to get him out.

I don't know how the hell Bush ever kept his position.
I'd like to see his expression if he were housed in Camp Justice, somehow the orange jumpsuit, shackles & dog cage style housing seems more befitting than that $2.07 million dollar place he just bought near Dallas. Guess the 1600 acre Crawford ranch was not enough.
But if you do the math, @ $440,000 a year, that house cost him every penny of 5 years presidential salary.
You think George has other income sources.... like big oil & war profiteering? Hmmmmm the joke's on us.
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