Monday, November 17, 2008


Scary Monster Super Creeps

Note to readers in other countries:

If you are starting to think good things about the USA again, go right ahead. But don't kid yourselves: we have a long, long way to go.

I was beginning a shift at the library in the company of a volunteer who was happy to take a break with me while we smiled at the pictures of the new First Family in the latest issue of People magazine. We talked about how reluctant some of Obama's supporters here in Vermont are to take their campaign signs down. Serious Basking in the Moment here.

Then Jean told me about the article she'd seen in yesterday's local daily: threats against Obama are the highest of any against a president or president-elect. She pointed me to one instance, Oak Hill General Store, in Standish, Maine, where someone had posted an "assassination pool" on how many days it would take till Obama was killed. The sign indicated that shooting, stabbing, etc. were all acceptable means, with some drip adding at the bottom of the sign, "Here's hoping we have a winner."

A winner for losers.

Once the Secret Service apprised store owner Steve Collins of the illegality of promoting the murder of the President of the United States, he was able to take the coward's path and deny that he was aware of the existence of the sign.


I think that a small, tasteful postcard campaign to Mr. Collins at the Oak Hill General Store, Standish, ME 04084 would be in order here. Let's adopt the style of our President-Elect. No name-calling or threats or obscenities. A simple "Shame on you" will suffice.

Remember when people booed at the mention of McCain's name at Obama rallies? He said, "You don't have to boo; you just have to vote." So some class among his followers is called for here.

I do think that a Shame On You campaign is definitely in order.

Join me!

These people are nuts and stupid, a bad combo. Here in Tejas a UT Football player posted this message on his My Space page. Something like, "hunters gather round, there is a (explitive) in the White House. The lame little shit got kicked off the team. His career in football is undoubtedly ruined. Can you imagine having that kind of privildege and letting it slip through your grasp over being filled with hate. This guy in Maine looks like a real darling. Poor little fool, he was just sitting there minding his own business and some asshole hanged a nasty sign up in his store. Bless his heart. I will send the poor victimized little SOB some Christmas candy or something to soothe the indignaties he has suffered.
Thankfully, President Obama can learn a lot about massive security measures from Bush and especially Dick Cheney.
I just pray he uses all of them.
Holy-friggin-shit...this jackass posted it where it could be seen by the public at large?

He is stupid and nuts. How he came to own a business is beyond me.

I will find an appropriate post card to send this jackass.

Can I post this at Sirens Chronicles Lulu? We might get a few more takers over there. ;)
Definitely, Dusty. Thanks.
Saw a clip the KKK folks are all in a snit about the "half breed" president.

So sad the hate & separatism.... really, don't we have REAL and serious problems to deal with & not in need of making stuff up?

Obama is going to have to make a shield of security people.

Glad Mr. Collins was enlightened but his sign.
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