Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Obama and the Down Side of Charisma

Since our guy got elected, I've been a little too slap-happy, I guess.

It's a rarified environment in which I live--in Vermont, the whitest state in the union, virtually every county went for Obama. We all grin idiotically at each other since the election; we all know what we're grinning about. People don't want to take their lawn signs down. Talk about afterglow! It's like the whole region just got laid, after 8 years of being screwed.

So it was a jolt to me to bumble around on the web this morning and run into some fool of a Georgia congressman who is afraid that Obama will seize power and create a dictatorship. Remember Hitler! He trumpets. He was democratically elected, then look what happened!

Of course, much of this can be laid to the fact that McCain-Palin courted the Stupid vote. Stupids are definitely a constituency; if they weren't, Rush Limbaugh wouldn't make so much money. Say really dumb things over and over again, and you can count on Stupid voters to believe them to be true. Rush does it. Cheney and Bush did it. Fox pundits have made an industry of it.

I couldn't find the Stupid congressman's name by Googling Obama+dictator... instead I ran into a bunch of really moronic blogs and bulletin boards who were pumping this dreamy misinformation into cyberspace. I looked around at a few sites and got so annoyed I decided that I would have to live without the Honorable Joe Blow's actual name. Who needs the aggravation?

The trouble with racists is that they can't see that non-racists don't play by their rules. Obama hasn't been sitting in some bunker sharpening his knives, the better to run Whitey through at the first opportunity in order to gain revenge for all those injustices.

But it's what these assholes would do, if given the chance. They can't imagine anyone working any other way. And having failed to learn anything about Constitutional protections, schools of economic theory, and having ignored everything Obama said about a new political paradigm during the campaign, having failed to see that he called no names, launched no lies, created no false assumptions, made no attempts to arouse fear in the American people, they are ripe for all the crap that the idiots on Fox news launched as a substitute for actual news.

We will go on, here in the Northeast, enjoying the overturning of destructive executive orders by the departing president, watching Obama turn away from revenge scenarios--he isn't even interested in beating up Joe Lieberman.

And by the way, during that same Depression we elected a guy who set up government programs to give people work and dignity, the better to keep fascism at bay in this country.

Finally a uniter, and these morons are trying to paint swastikas on him and give him a weird little moustache.

Ain't that just how some folks will do?!?


Yea, this contingent-- the stupids fail to see just how close to the Reich Bush is.
Good god! It's literally been TORTURE.

This pissing & moaning & the guy is not even in office yet.

Everyone else is thrilled that Obama will restore democracy & sanity.

These crazy fringe people don;t even get it that their constitution & rights to freedom were trampled and are being pulled out of the fire.

Can't see the truth for the hate.

BTW come by & see the nationwide info the gay marriage support gatherings this coming weekend).
I still have my two Obama yard signs displayed. I may never take them down.
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