Thursday, October 02, 2008


Why We're Skipping Tonight's Debate

I was invited to friends' to watch the probable debacle of tonight's debate, but I'm not going. I won't be listening on the radio, either.

Why O why, I can hear some of you asking. Don't you want to be there when Joe Biden clearly outclasses her?

I can only hope that's what Joe will do. I like Joe Biden, even though he puts his foot in his mouth sometimes. After all,I have tasted my own toes once or twice. They could have used some sauce going down.

But having watched American Idol once or twice, I don't care to see it again. That show has emerged as an apt metaphor for what so many housewives in the Midwest seem to be feeling for La Sarah.
They are stoked that she's just like them! I could be vice president, too! When I see Sarah, I know that that could be meeeeee!

She's the sad little number who thinks that she sounds "just like" Mariah Carey and goes for all those vocal pyrotechnics, which sadly, she doesn't actually possess.

Maybe I'm afraid that Joe will come across like Simon Cowell, that her followers will then become even more protective about her lack of qualifications.
I don't know. I just have never really been comfortable with wanna-be singers hitting flat notes mid-cadenza, however obnoxious they may be.

Maybe I'm just waiting for Tina Fey.

You did not miss much, unless you like unanswered questions, and winking. Yes, Palin delievered her own brand of craziness to the debate. She did not fail as much as she does in actual interviews, because there, the interviewer can press for her TO ANSWER THE QUESTION!!! In this format she could just breeze through the talking points she was told to cover.
She even threw in a "dog gone it", and maybe a golly gee- I can't remember it all, or maybe I am trying to forget. The highlight for me was Biden going through a list of NOT MAVERICK items and McCains voting record.
Palin looked most thrown off when Biden cited voting records. The truth & the facts were difficult for Palin to handle.
I'm confident SNL will do a better jobl
Tina Fey's take on all of Palin's appearances so far is really all you need to know to get the gist of Palin.
Palin's schtick is a lot like watching Gomer Pyle-you know she's stupid hick who's never gonna be anything but a stupid hick.
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