Thursday, October 23, 2008


Only Connect

There's nothing like a Republican candidate feigning connection with the working class to feed your sense of irony.

McCain's new strategy is to find Joes in all walks of working class life. He can then assure them (after shaking their hands
sans any eye contact) that he will protect them from any form of socialism: medical care, Social Security, unemployment benefits, that sort of thing. There is always the military, he can remind them, and he could use their skills in Iraq.

He can maintain in them the illusion that they're headed for Republican-type annual incomes and therefore underscore the obvious self-interest they have in voting for him.
You're just a lotto ticket away from the Big Time, my friend. You aren't going to be in That tax bracket much longer.

And for the ladies whose hands remain unshaken after the Great Man has passed?

"They need more training."


I wonder which one of McCain's houses he was in when his handlers told him about this strategy.
Looks like the guy in the red shirt hurt McCain's arm during that man-shake.
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