Sunday, October 19, 2008


Let the Thievery Begin

We need a new Voting Rights Act. Already voters in West Virginia are seeing their votes switched from Obama to McCain on voting machines overseen by Republicans, who, of course, blame the errors on the voters themselves.

Why is a sole political party overseeing the balloting, anyway?
I am told that the Obama campaign is on top of the prospect of election theft. I hope so.They're going to be busy.Once they get the guy in Ohio to take his Obama effigy down, they should hustle right over to West Virginia and stand guard over the voting machines.

It used to be that "undesirable" voters were deterred by tests and poll taxes, unequally distributed. Now you can vote for free, just as long as you don't expect your vote to be counted.

There is still the problem of the very structure that does not equip each precinct with representatives of both parties (or, let's say,
all parties) to ensure that balloting is truly representative and that voters have immediate access to any mechanical "irregularities" occurring with the machines.

Voting regulations vary from state to state, and we're all painfully familiar with the consequences.
There ought to be a print-out of each vote cast. Back-up editions of the ballots should be on file--not based on who voted, but what votes were cast.

The more the Republicans raise the non-issue of ACORN, the more you can be sure that they're up to something. Contact everybody. Email Howard Dean. Nag the ACLU. Put new energy into the phrase Public Outcry.

And play a little Who.



lol, the thievery started during the caucus voting, Hillary Clinton was victimized by it, now the ACORNS are getting their act together and taking it on the road.
thanks for posting matters...unreal that we are dealing with this AGAIN....
Last prezzzidential election, I played this WHO song LOUD on the stereo that fateful morning , thinking for sure the fricking Decider was going to be kicked to the curb. I thought he was *outta there for sure*.....

It was a stolen election, brought to us by Diebold. Oregon does not have electronic voting machines, and our votes are recountable. We have a paper ballot and only vote by mail, or we can hand deliver ballots.
Mine is getting hand delivered.

If I lived in a State with electronic voting machines, I'd be inclined to bring a sledgehammer along .... if the damned machine changed my vote from Obama to McCain I would use the sledgehammer to "press any key" to proceed.

We have GOT to get rid of the unauditable electronic voting machines.

It does not mater who you vote for, but who counts the votes-- or in this case what the machine does to your vote.

Would we have riots in the streets if there were yet another stolen election?

Say it ain't gonna be so!
The idea of ballot tampering by the GOP is giving me heartburn.
Obama has to win by a freaking landslide to get by these vote rigging Republicans.
I love the guy who does parodies of rightist political cartoons in the Onion.
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