Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm Changing My Vote

You know, I hope that my change of heart and mind won't be construed as a flip/flop.

Of course, I'm not running for office, so I guess I can flip and flop all I darn well please.

Anyway, after viewing this photo (and its mate at Princess Sparkle Pony I have decided to cast my vote for John McCain.

This shot of him registering that he was exiting in the wrong direction after this last debate. Is that an adorable oops or what??

I saw how unfair I'd been when I saw this snap: McCain isn't a doddering old man with nary a fresh idea; he's a twelve year old with his entire future ahead of him.

So don't get mad at me. I just can't resist the little fella.

okay, so check this out.
He is infatuated with his tongue and the use of it to express himself. He looks like he is about to grab Obama's ass. This photo is truly disgusting.
the tongue thrusting happened alot that night..I really wonder if he has brain mets...
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