Friday, October 17, 2008


If You Can't Tell the Truth, You Don't Deserve the Job

I just read about the mad rush the McCain campaign is in to tie Obama to Bill Ayers. They're even creating an entire comic book for it.

What cynicism. The only people who will attach to those messages are those who can't really think for themselves.

One of them was telling me about Bill Ayers, terrorista domestica, the other day, and I asked her, "If he's a Known Terrorist, why isn't he in jail? It seems to me that the Bush Administration would have taken him to Guantanamo a long time ago."

Blank look.

No matter. Here come those pamphlets on the big terror connection. Funnybooks that aren't all that funny.

I am amazed at the industry of lies that the Republican Party has concocted in the last 20 years. It's truly impressive in its own way.

The Republican Party doesn't really want its citizens to be educated and well-informed. People like That (One) can't be easily manipulated.

No, the Grand Old Party wants a creamy layer of billionaires who don't want to pay their fair share, who worship free markets as if they were gods, and then it wants the bulk of its support to come from people who are suspicious of knowledge, hostile toward science, and as eager to write checks to Palin as they are to the Rev. Hootchy-Kootchy Jim Bob who will heal the cavities in your teeth at his next Miracle Meeting.

If you can't be the choice of an informed, thoughtful electorate, you shouldn't be in office.

You're not really this naive are you?
I have a post up about Ayers.

Why is he not in jail??????

Because of FBI misconduct- tapped phones, illegal break ins, etc.

They had to throw the case out because the government broke the law!

Ayers is a distinguished College Prof now & won a Citizen of the Year award from the City of Chicago.

Yet another vetting blunder by McCain.
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