Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Hockey Moms, Winos Unite for Palin-McCain

Whoops--I mean McCain-Palin.

I keep thinking about her exhortation for an America of Joe Six-Packs and Hockey Moms. Have they organized? Formed a coalition?

I see the loudmouth who replaced Sarah at the rink, flanked by her hubby and a couple of winos who have been conscripted to vote the Grand Old Party for a case of Cindy's beer.

Dubya was a sort of sobered up Joe Six-Pack, albeit a dry drunk version.

The anti-intellectual tenor of the McCain-Palin campaign has me thinking about a book I've been perusing. It's called Just How Stupid Are We? Facing the Truth About the American Voter, by Rick Shenkman. It doesn't say much that I didn't already know: a tiny percentage understands our civic structures and the issues of the day. Television is a powerful medium for abuse. Nobody reads anymore.

What else is new?

Shenkman says that the greatest myth is that of the American People. I guess that's why Palin was so eager to blow off the questions she'd been asked in order to "talk directly" to them.

I'm starting to think that we should impose literacy and civics tests on white voters. There would be a sort of symmetry there, when you think about it.

More and more, this country scares me.

Well, if McCain somehow manages to pull this out of his hiney, we're REALLY stupid.
This whole mess has really pissed me off, depressed me, pick your malady.
The only bright side has been the GOP exposing itself as the party of hate, fear, racism and economic ruin.
Even Bush was not as hatemongering and dirty as these two clowns.
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