Monday, September 01, 2008


Photo Op!

Check out all the presidential concern as Dubya cuts the convention, the better to focus on the possible impact of Gustav on the Gulf coast. Wow!

Wanna write a caption for what Mister President has to say about his efforts here?

Meanwhile Cheney, who is also skipping the convention (at the behest of the RNC) can shoulder his shotgun and help keep the streets of Loosy-Anna safe from property crimes. Maybe he can get lifetime NRA member Sarah Palin to ride shotgun. (Ouch).

I think it's great that they have learned so much from the missteps of Katrina.

Does this all spell Legacy, or what?

What's really bad is he's supposed to be here in San Antonio, so I guess his little desk is at the local Fox TV newsroom.
Oh and look, he brought his little stick-on President frisbee with his dumb ass.
That must be so he remembers where to sit after visiting the mensroom.
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