Wednesday, September 24, 2008


McCain Continues to Balk at Debate

A tearful John McCain continued to seek a graceful exit strategy from his imminent debate with Barack Obama in Oxford, MS, even though his rival for the presidency promised him "do-overs" if he finished second.

"It's not fair," McCain whimpered. "It's better when we get our base to call him the Anti-Christ and a Muslim and stuff like that. He made the economy fall down, you know."

McCain also had requested that running mate Sarah Palin accompany him, citing her experience in talking fast. The Obama campaign declined the request.

"Not fair not fair not fair,"McCain said. "I'm busy saving the economy that Obama messed up, and all Obama Hussein wants to do is talk."

He showed up because he made yet another drastic move to avoid slipping in the polls and it backfired.
Two major decisions--selecting Palin and being a drama king about the debate, then caving under the backlash, shows us this guy is nothing but a desperate clown.
He's weak.
He's gonna lose.
He will really flunk during the economic debate. He is so transparent. What a flipping goofball.
Hey Lulu, I know you don't watch or even own a TV, so please scamper over to Chez Zipdrive to see what Tina Fey did to Sarah Palin last night.
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