Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Everybody's Enron

When I consider the current economic meltdown, once I work through my own mix of fear and denial, I find myself thinking about Papa and Mama Bush.

It's a shame that, for all their wealth, they can't come up with $700 billion to bail out their oldest boy.

I wonder if the House didn't tap into some feelings yesterday about bailing Poppy and Bar's boy one more time and just find itself unable to come up with the appropriate enthusiasm. Not this time, buddy, you could almost hear them saying. You've poo-ed your pants once too often.

For those of us who didn't sufficiently emphathize with the rank and file at Enron, here's our second chance. Dubya and his cronies have Enron-ized the whole damn economy.

Where are the erstwhile employees of Enron now, I find myself wondering. How are they getting along? Should they move in with us, or we move in with them?

The torrent of dismay that swept through the House yesterday was years in coming and years too late.

Even now I wonder if sensible economists will be able to pry loose the greedy little theoretical fingers of the neocons. And to lead us out of this mess, whom can we exhume?

I suppose that Congress will recover sufficiently to hold its nose and make some deal, all the while obfuscating what it really means to those of us outside its hallowed chambers. After voting with him all these years, they're going to have to clean up after him one more time. He's been out of his league for 8 years, and he won't make it up to you now.

And then what? My fellow Americans, you'd just better do the right goddamned thing on election day. This has to stop, and at best, there's only one way out... if that.

Tell it Sistah!

We really don't know what the f to make of this.
Is Bush totally capable of letting the economy tank?
No doubt.
Did the sky-is-falling crisis happen overnight?
No way.
Is this we need $700 billion now & with total immunity proposal going to fly?
Not a chance.
Why does Paulson still have a job?
He should have been pink slipped when he put the total immunity package on the table.

It's a big red flag when the first thing on the agenda is complete & total immunity.
Paulson would like to cover his ass.

Right on out the door, my friend.
People are not usually compelled to request immunity unless there is something illegal happening or they fear incrimination.

We are to trust a "mushroom cloud" presentation from Bush again???
Not bloody likely.

But what do we need to do to save ourselves....
You said it in your closing like, for sure.

Should the Wall Street gamblers be left to sort out their own mess. Or do we bail them out to bail ourselves?

The $700 billion dollar question.

The only potntial positive thing, is the silver lining The shit is hitting the fan BEFORE the election.
One commentator did point out that members of the House voted first, and they are vulnerable every election, serving two-year terms as they do.

Still, I'll bet they're burned out on this turkey.
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