Friday, September 05, 2008


Baked Alaska

If she's done nothing else, Sarah Palin has energized discussion of the election along new lines.

While Obama has labored to create an environment in which issues play center stage, and the rights of candidates' children to privacy should remain sacred, Palin and her handlers have outed her daughter Bristol and attempted to re-frame the debate around personalities. It isn't the issue, the thinking goes; it's the person.

And what a person. Here's a lady who believes that the war on Iraq is a mission from God. The $30 billion national gas pipeline project that she wants built in the state is part of "God's will," and she advises her followers to "pray for that."

Add to that her bizarre form of tough love regarding daughter Bristol, whom she has single-handedly turned into the most famous pregnant teen in America. (Jamie Lynn Spears even sent her a baby gift.) Pushing beyond the inevitable questions regarding her communication with and supervision of her daughter, Sarah has copped an identity theme from her family mess: see! She has the same problems we do!

But we don't all push 17 year-olds into matrimony and parenthood as a lesson in "growing up." And we don't all make plans to head to D.C. during crisis times. Bristol may have "made her bed," as they say, but she's still 17 years old. If Palin doesn't want to stay home and play babysitting grandma, that's fine, but her kid seems to be getting more notoriety than support with her mom's political plans.

Given Sarah's opposition to sex education and counseling in the schools, her tough love seems more like revenge; that big smile for grandparenthood seems to come from clenched teeth.

And the Republicans want this person, this woman, as a national leader?

She's the perfect GOP nominee. Phony as hell but the ignoramouses are lapping her up like cream.
How can the other side NOT feel superior when dealing with this kind of blatant hypocricy?
Oh and by the way, Palin the PTA mom was in the PTA when her first born was little- not since then.
She plays up the hockey thing more. Appeals to jocks. Properly anti-intellectual.
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