Sunday, July 27, 2008


It's a bird... a plane... a departing Patriot

It's that time. I stand at the door of my greenhouse with my specially framed portraits of Dubya, Dickie, and the Hero of the Other War that Shouldn't Have Been, (the presumptive R-Nominee) and big you all the fondest of adieus.

I have to admit that I find it hard to retire. Even when I was sick of poring over student compositions and struggling to maintain consciousness in faculty meetings, I kept telling
myself that I needed to keep going, at least for another few years.

I have loved tapping away and Photoshopping on this blog and am grateful for the cyber-pals I have made here.

I will continue to visit you in your dear, subversive URLs. Perhaps I will even be reincarnated someday.

For now, though, it's time to stop. Sometimes you just have to go.

For many of my fellow bloggers, I know that this is unimaginable. Here comes the election, and McCain, if not as ridiculous as Dubya, poses many rich possibilities. I trust you all to mine them all.

Perhaps I am more like Vaughn Meader after JFK was shot.

However, I am never going to get any other sort of writing done if I keep logging in to trot out my political anxieties, and frankly, they are many. I am tired of them.

For now, I will probably just see how many brilliant flowers I can get blooming, how many outrageous salads we can create from our very
good earth. I am tired of the punditry, the politics, the pettiness. Just let me watch the hummingbirds sipping at the bee balm.

Our Maddie dog was recently diagnosed with cancer. She is still a very happy, if easily tired-out dog, and we are channeling all the
love into her that we can have in these waning weeks. We will not drag her down to Boston for chemotherapy and radiation; she hates going to the vet for the most routine ablutions. We will soup up her diet with omega-3's and anti- oxydents and all manner of beneficial methods of keeping her close to us. I don't want to write any more about this heartbreak than what I have just tapped in (she's only 10). I don't have a hell of a lot to say. I have a strong feeling that whatever comes next isn't going to make for a good read.

Thanks for stopping by, and Godspeed.

I feared this day would come.
Well, with that garden and your writing skills, you are leaving for all the right reasons.
But don't leave entirely, perhaps you can keep the door cracked a bit and do some seasonal blogging.

I'll certainly be checking in on you, Zippie.
Glad to hear the greenhouse turned out so exciting!! Now if it was possible to build one on a 33rd floor balcony in Miami...

So sorry to hear about Mad-dog. I'm sure she is smiling as always!
Fare thee well blog friend. Go forth into the bee balm hummingbird world & enjoy. The blogosphere will be short one fine & fun writer & a gifted photoshopper, but if you get to write your book as a tradeoff, then we have something to look forward to.

Best wishes for the Maddie dog, we had to put down our beloved Laktoa dog last year, after sharing 14 years of life together. I still miss him.

Anyway... it is a bittersweet crossing- you will be missed, but give us something to look forward to.

Your gardens in bloom are lovely!

And the entranceway framed art exquisite!

Best wishes-- come by sometimes...
You're back? You've been missed. Come by my place, really!
I LOVE your greenhouse...wonderful..and the amazing....and of course the dog...don;t be a stranger..stop by watergate summer...anytime...the door is always open....
You will be very much missed! Even though I've also gotten away from blogging, I have loved stopping by to read what you are up to, and treasure your wonderful wit and wisdom. Enjoy your new freedom, and yes, love that beautiful doggie with every moment left! And if you ever come to Santa Cruz again....... I'd love to meet you!
Very sad news to hear about the pooch and that your throwing in the towel. I've always loved your acerbic wit (verbally and visually) and am grateful for the laughs over the years. Anyway, since this is starting to sound like a high school year book, I'll just finish off by saying have a great summer and good luck with the boys. Praise Him!
Sad days...I look forward to reading what you write in lieu of the blog.

As for Maddie, I knew about her but still cried when I saw this picture. My aunt is losing her dog and cat both, and although the wretched terrier isn't my favorite (and I know it is mutual) the idea of losing a dog is just so painful.

The greenhouse is enormously vibrant and I picture you toiling away...and visualize that taking place in the Pacific time zone.

love and hugs
Take care sweet woman...and let us know when your literary works are published! I have faith they will be some day. ;)

I lost a beloved dog, Baby, three summers ago to cancer., Not a day goes by that I don't think of that wonderful soul that graced my life for much too short of a time.
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