Tuesday, June 17, 2008


A Greenhouse at Last

Lulu is in love. Not news, I know. Lulu's loved Spouse for years. But Spouse is a Who. Lulu's new passion is a What.

I can't get enough of our new greenhouse.

After years of deliberation and research, we chose a greenhouse, and then almost instantly it was up. Since we couldn't go to a greenhouse store and kick the garden equivalent of tires, we took to the web to do our looking, surfing endlessly, printing out the results, comparing, fretting. Getting as tired and occasionally discouraged as you get when searching for a new dwelling.

Finally we had a choice. Finally the choice was on its way, then out of the box and protectively stained, and then, after we couldn't come up with any more preliminaries, raised with a couple of friends who wanted to be part of the process.

One of them was the first woman clerk of the works in Vermont, so you could expect bossy but capable. When the ground turned out to be insufficiently level, she and Spouse got down
on their hands and knees and pounded it into submission. In went the base, up went the walls and roof. The automatic vent went in the next day, once our brains had been re-formed by a night's sleep. It's cool--run by a little cylinder filled with paraffin, which swells when the greenhouse gets warm, popping open the two vents. Solar!

Since the raising I've started lots of seeds-- flowers and vegetables. I can't stay out of there. First there's the planting. Then the transplanting. Then more planting. Sometimes I just go in to gawk and breathe in the scent of soil.

So if I'm not around here, fretting about the racism that I'm sure the Republicans are about to tap into or railing against the war, know that these thoughts do remain with me, regardless of the happy hypnosis of the garden. I will continue to check in, once the passion settles into something steady and glowing.

It can't fix everything, the garden, but how those colors and scents can soothe.

As soon as you're ready, send me your snail mail address and I'll send you some Texas seeds, for flowers or chilis or whatever you want.
Wow! What a great item. You can extend your growing season & probably do some winter crop stuff to chard & Kale & keep the buggies from eating them too.

I worked in the front yard today -- It looks great & I am whipped. My Planting project is a rather large red dragon mpale-- it is a container plant that is about 3.5 feet now & it;s pot has fallen apart (in a large cedar wine barrel type planter.

We have to repot it, because I don;t have time to put it in the ground just yet.

It is the biggest thing I've ever repotted & gonna take 2 people to do.
I live in Texas.
All my plants have died from the heat. Except the cacti- they are thriving.
i live in texas too and would kill for a green house..the heat is kicking my okra's ass...
Keep on rocking in the free world. My oh my, pounding things into submission that give off great scents. This could be a question on Jeopardy. "Gives off great scents." Answer: "What are things that are pounded into submission?" Hah! I am so glad you are having so much fun.
it is beautiful...I am so in awe....wow...and inspired...wow...
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