Monday, June 09, 2008


Caption Writers Wanted!

These pictures overwhelm my creative powers.

Just to see these two American heroes in the same frame is more than I can handle.

I know that I've been gone for a while, but if you do drop by, please assist me with words, although I know that one picture is worth, etc., etc.

and we're slow dancing, swaying to the music...
I've been really trying now baby
Trying to hold back this feeling for so long
And if you feel like I feel
Come on

Let's get it on
Let's get it on
Let's get it on
Let's get it on

We're all sensitive people
With so much to give - understand each other
As long as we got to be here
Let's live

There's nothing wrong with me
Loving you, now
Giving yourself to me
Can never be wrong
If (your) love is true

Don't you know how sweet and wonderful life can be, yeah
I'm just asking you, baby
To get it on with me

Oh but I ain't gonna worry
I ain't gonna push
I won't push you baby

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on
Stop beating around the bush
Let's get it on
Let's get it on baby
Let's get it on
"If lovin' you is wrong, I don't wanna be right."
There's actually a Livejournal where people (very, very DISTURBED people) write homoerotic fiction starring politicians. I remember seeing a Rick Santorum/David Vitter fanfic on there.

Someone's typing up a Bush/McCain slash fanfic even as I write this.
Peas in a friggin pod.
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