Wednesday, May 07, 2008


The Difference Between Elitist and Classy

How ironic that Obama's competitors try to smear him with the elitist label. Any port in a storm, I guess.

Let's see... the son raised by a single mom and grandparents. The community organizer. The child of so-called mixed parentage (peony and crocodile?).

What makes Obama elitist? I don't get it.

I suppose that the fact that Obama, committed to practicing a new brand of politics, won't stoop to the semi-slander of his opponents, current and future. (I do consider the sort of mud-slinging to which Hillary semi-subscribes to be instructive for the general election, by the way). He doesn't seem to have the sort of petty outbursts and name-calling in his psyche that we see over and over in elections. His oratory is certainly superb, but in my experience the elitist may have the style, but not the substance.

An elitist community organizer would probably try to lead his clients through a progressive dinner based upon the recipes in Bon Apetit.

An elitist politician would tell us that s/he can do it for us, rather than step into the role of a facilitator who will help us all to figure out how to do it together. (For what it is, exactly, flip through the many issues on which Obama and Clinton agree.)

I remain committed to the Democratic candidate who can help us to beat McCain, whose straight talk was derailed about four years ago.

But damn, Barack Obama does have class.

And being classy isn't the same as being elitist.

Nice post, well said.
Lulu, of course he's elitist. He plays BASKETBALL. That's an elitist sport, donchaknow.

Great post.

Come by my place and take a look at today's cartoon.
Basically, if you go to San Francisco and speak to local bigshots there, you are an elitist.
really nice post- really good points...class vs elitist...
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