Saturday, May 03, 2008


A Dance to Remember

We Democrats are still so busy dancing our primary dances that it's hard to remember that the Republicans have already moved on to the Big Prom.

The most exciting pairing, of course, is John McCain and Pastor Hagee, who have been effortlessly gliding around the church fellowship hall festooned with balloons for some months now.

Sen. McCain is unabashed in his appreciation of his dream date, and Pastor Hagee is probably pretty stoked about being escorted to the dance by a genuine hee-ro.

They are an attractive couple, even if some Keystone Staters missed Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul enough to write them in, inevitability be damned.

I'm just glad to see McCain dating someone with meat on his/her bones after that bony beer heiress he married.

Just goes to show these alpha males need their variety.

Awww look at the sweet couple ~ and the union sanctioned by the higher powers.
A bit surprising it was not recognized by the Pope when he made his rounds, but he's still trying to do damage repair for the Catholic church's "mishandling" of the pedophile priests.
That hit the church where it hurts most-- the pocketbook. Ouch! That was one expensive lesson.
But back to McSame-- sure he looks good now, but he will be looking bad when he is used to mop the floor in a debate with Obama.
As for Cindy, the oober wealthy desperate housewife, well, she knows there are sacrifices to be made when the White House as a 5th residence is in the crosshairs. It is like the ultimate Country Club- AND they won't have to pay taxes on the facility either. Win win!
Although these two look shiek in their formalwear-- they are both missing flag lapel pins. A presidential hopeful fashion faux pax for sure. We know what topic will surface in future debates.
Lulu, you have no idea how embarrassed I am in knowing John Hagee and his creepy mega-church are headquartered in San Antonio.
Hagee is a prime suspect for being evil and demonic while hiding behind a cleric's collar.
Seriously- I think he's an instrument of the devil.
lovely couple...where are my are talented...very..
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